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Professional Development

We already have more than 20 years experience in executive recruitment but our added use of Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions means that we can now truly deliver solutions to candidates and clients at any stage. 


For businesses, whether you are in a recruiting phase or not, we can work with you to better attract, engage and retain your staff by giving you a deeper understanding of their strengths and how to best utilise them. Your staff will perform better in roles that take advantage of their natural strengths, leading to greater job satisfaction. The recruitment and training of staff is a costly exercise. Reducing staff turn-over needs to be a focus for all businesses.


On an individual level, we can work with you to understand your unique strengths, as well as areas for development, to improve your own job satisfaction or just for your own self-development. If you are seeking promotion or career change opportunities, better understanding what really drives you is the first step! Working to your strengths means performing more of the tasks you naturally enjoy, which in-turn leads to greater job satisfaction.


We also believe that collaboration beats competition any day. It is important for businesses to work together to broaden each others networks for mutual success. We are passionate and proactive about creating opportunities for our business partners to work together wherever appropriate.

You and your business are unique. Why would you settle for a 'one size fits all' recruitment agency that's only chasing a recruitment fee? We'll always work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your specific needs and then present ideas and solutions to give you the best possible chance of success - in all areas of your business or personal development.


When you choose to work with Recruit Connect, you’re engaging a local staffing expert—and you’ll get an exceptional result!

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